Tynan’s Top Tough Test

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Michael and Ciaran Tynan claimed a hard fought victory last Saturday night on the infamous Drumlin Navigation Trial.

They finished the 120 mile event, 10 marks clear of 2nd placed Darragh Kelly/Oisín Sherlock. Michael Carbin/Conor Mohan went one position better than they did in the previous round to take 3rd overall.

The first big test came at Time Point 4 in a farm at Gortnana, where a tulip diagram had to be used to guide crews through a road goes to the timepoint and depart out another road goes. Sixteen of the crews who made it to the end of the event would all pick up wrong approach’s here due to the close proximity of the road goes entry and the timepoint. Number two seeds, and winners of last months October Navigation Trial Aidan Keenan/Sean Marron would be the first victims at this location, missing the slot right turn and continuing round the corner and into the TP.  Sam Johnston sitting on in place of Ryan Treanor for Shane Dalton would also pick up 15 marks here. TPs 5 to 10 were all located between Latnamard and Stranooden taking in no less than ten lanes on private ground. TP 10 would see the departure of County Cork crew, James Fitzgerald/Ken Carmody as the engine in their Subaru decided enough was enough and packed it in.

 TP 11 ultimately decided the winning of the event. Plot and bash was handed out at TP 10. The herringbone tulip diagram included all roads, unmapped lanes and house entrances. The time point was located in a previously unused farm at Lecklevera just south of Greenans Cross. Twenty eight of the finishing crews would either miss or receive a wrong approach in the farm yard. Fortunately for the Tynan’s they would spy the narrow slot between a shed and silage pit wall and drop just 2 minutes.  Both Carbin/Mohan and Kelly/Sherlock would be caught here, both dropping 16 marks by being a minute late and receiving a wrong approach.

Plot and bash was again distributed at TP 17 beside Annaghmakerig Lough, south of Newbliss. Once again a Herringbone tulip was handed out for TPs 18, 19 and 20. TP 18 was on the main Newbliss-Cootehill road after passing through a farm lane at Gorrevan, TP 19 was located in Halls farm at Doohat after passing through the familiar shed. From here it was back down to the main road and take the turn off for Drum village before turning left down a grey lane at Drumborisk to reach TP 20 which was also on the main Newbliss-Cootehill road.  

   TP21 brought competitors out of the Newbliss area towards Rockcorry with four TPs in total in the area between Coolkill West and Drumrooghill before a well due ITC section, which for once competitors were glad to see as it gave them a chance to relax after relentless opening twenty four time points.

The reprieve was short lived however as another five time points in quick succession awaited before the fuel stop in Ballybay. At the half way point, the Tynan’s led the way on 11 marks, followed by Derek Mackarel/Conor Boylan on 22 marks despite also receiving a wrong approach at TP 11. In 3rd was Pakie Duffy/Evin Hughes, just a further 1 mark in arrears having likewise faltered at TP 11.

The second half of the event would prove to be just as challenging as the first, with another twenty two check points to visit, including four on plot and bash. TPs 31 to 44 would bring crews from Ballybay through Tullycorbet, Braddocks, Ardaghy, the edge of Monaghan town at Tanderageebane to Corcaghan taking in twelve private lanes on the way. TP 45 was located in a farm just west of the chapel in Corcaghan, and it was here that Mackarel/Boylan would lose out on pushing for overall honours as they would arrive at the p&b TP 47 which was located in the same farm first. Looping around they did manage to arrive at TP 45,but they received 30 marks for a double visit at TP 47 when they arrived back after TP 46.

 The last p&b of the night was given on a six figure grid reference for TP 48 on a farm lane beside Corcaghan Creamery before heading back towards Threemilehouse for the last farm lane of the night in the townland of Crumlin. This time point which required tulip diagram to follow the correct path. Unfortunately, Carbin/Mohan would miss this TP and receive 20 marks due to being over the 15 minutes max lateness allowed. From here it was a short dash over to Togan crossroads for the penultimate Control before heading back to the Sean’s GAA Complex for the final Control spelling an end to one of the toughest events of the year.

In the end it was Michael and Ciaran Tynan who completed the route only dropping 19 minutes. Kelly/Sherlock would rue their earlier wrong approach as it ultimately cost them the outright win. Despite their late 20 marks, Mohan/Carbin would still manage take 3rd place. Pakie Duffy/Evin Hughes who had been in 3rd place at the half way point, would get a double visit and a wrong departure late in the event and would drop to 9th overall.

In the class’s, it was Kelly/Sherlock 1st Expert on 29 marks, Carbin/Mohan 2nd on 55 marks and Mackarel/Boylan 3rd on 59 marks. Emmet Sherry/Patrick Corcoran won the Semi-Expert class on 77 marks, 2nd was Damien Treanor/Christopher McMahon on 91 marks and 3rd was Mickey Conlon/Martin Connolly on 144 marks.

The novice class was won by Damien Hagan/Ryan Farrell on 93 marks, 2nd was Darragh Kelly/Eamon Doherty on 125 marks and 3rd was Elijah Dixon/Marco Lennon on 145 marks. Shane Maguire/Molly Maguire won the Beginners class on 199 marks, 2nd was Martin Swinburne/Gretchen Swinburne on 233 marks and 3rd was Ciaran McGorman/Aaron McGorman on 238 marks.

CoC Shane Farrell thanked all the residents and landowners along the route for allowing the event use their property, the Sean’s GAA club for the excellent facilities and all the marshals who turned up to cover every check point.

The National Navigation Championship continues in two weeks’ time with the Skibbereen Carbery Navigation Trial.

Top 10 Results

1st Michael Tynan/Ciaran Tynan (Subaru Impreza) 19 marks,

2nd Darragh Kelly/Oisín Sherlock (Subaru Impreza) 29m,

3rd Michael Carbin/Conor Mohan (Subaru Legacy) 55m,

4th Derek Mackarel/Conor Boylan (Subaru Impreza) 59m.

5th Martin Tynan/David McCrudden (Subaru Impreza) 65m,

6th Emmet Sherry/Patrick Corcoran (Toyota Starlet) 77m,

7th Damien Treanor/Christopher McMahon (Subaru Legacy) 91m,

8th Damien Hagan/Ryan Farrell (Subaru Impreza) 93m,

9th Pakie Duffy/Evin Hughes (Subaru Impreza) 95m,

10th Shane Dalton/Sam Johnston (Subaru Impreza) 97m.

PRO Oisín Sherlock oisinsherlock97@gmail.com


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