2017 November 11/12 Navigation Trial

2017 September 30 Navigation Trial

2017 August 13 Endurance Trial

2017 July 30 Autocross

2017 April 23 4 Seasons Hotel Stages Rally Regs 17 CMMC Stages Rally   Entry Form 17 CMMC Stages Rally

2017 March 18/19 Navigation Trial Entry Form and Regs for Mar Navi

2017 February 25/26 Navigation Trial regs-for-feb-navi

2017 February 12 Test Trial




regs-and-entry-form-nav-trial-november-12-2016  PDF

October 1 Navigation Trial PDF regs-and-entry-form-oct1-navi

Notice Navigation Trail Classes PDF   : Navigation Trial Classes 2016

2016 August 14 ENDURANCE TRIAL 14 Aug 16   Regs and Entry Form

2016 July 31     Autocross Regs & Entry Form V2      Autocross Regs & Entry Form V2 PDF

2016 March 12/13 Navigation Trial   Regs and Entry form  Mar 16 Navi Entry List

2016 February 14 Test Trial PDF Regs and Entry Form

2016 January 9/10 Navigation Trial  PDF  Regs_Entry form


2015 November 7-8 Navigation Trial   Regs_Entry form for Drumlin navigation 2015 PDF

2015 October 3-4 Navigation Trial Oct 2015 Navigation Regulations and Entry Form PDF

2015 August 16 .   Endurance Trial Regs and Entry Form.  Endurance Event 2015 seeded Entry List 

2015 Stages Rally  Regs and Entry Form PDF

2015 March 2015 Navigation Regulations and Entry Form PDF

2015   Feb 2015 Test Trial Regs and Entry Form PDF.

VIP 1 day Licence available for Test Trial  but must be booked in advance.

2015 January 10 Navigation Trial Regs and Entry Form PDF.   Regs Jan Navi

2014 November 8/9 Navigation Trial Regs and entry form PDF Nov 14 Navigation Trial

2014 October 4/5 Navigation Trial  Regs and Entry Form PDF. Oct 2014 Regs and Entry Form.   Seeded Entry Oct Nav 2014


2014 August 17 Endurance Trial. Entry Form and Regs PDF : Endurance 14 Entry   Seeded Entry List

2014 June 15 Rallysprint Regs and Entry Form PDF. 2014 Rallysprint Regs and Entry.  To assit you  Rallysprint Equipment Requirements2014 Rallysprint Poster

2014 April 27 Stages Rally: Regs and Entry Form PDF. Stages Regs 2014

2014 March 22/23 Navigation Trial: Regs and Entry Form PDF:March 2014 Navigation.  Seeding List PDF. Seeding List

2014 February 16  Test Trial . Regs and Entry Form  PDF. 2014 Test Trial Regs and Entry

2014  January Navigation Trial Regs and Entry Form PDF.  Jan 14 Navi Regs


2013 Drumlin Navigation Trial Nov 9/10. PDF. Drumlin 13 Regs and Entry Form

Navigation Trial Rule Update September 13Navigation Rule changes Sept 2013

2013 October 5/6 Navigation Trial Regs and Entry Form PDF. 2013 Oct Nav Regs

2013 Endurance Trial  Regs and Entry Form PDF 2013 Endurance Trial Regs and Entry Form.   Seeded Entry List PDF Seeded Entry List

2013 Hillgrove Hotel Stages Rally Entry Form PDF. Stages 13 Regs and Entry Form 2013 March Navigation trial PDF  Regs March 13 Navi 2013 February 17 Autotest Entry Form and Regs PDF:  Autotest 13

2013  january Navigation Trial  Regs and Entry Form.   Jan 13 Navi  PDF  This Event cancelled

Drumlin navigation Trial Regs and Entry Form PDF.                 Drumlin 2012 Nav Trial   Drumlin Seeding List November 10   PDF

October 2012 Navigation Trial   Regs and Entry Form PDF       Oct 12 Navi Regs and Entry form   Seeding Oct 6 2012 Navi  PDF

August 2012 Endurance Trial Regs & Entry PDF       VIP Newly updated   Appendix 35 Amendments July 2012

Please note the new regulations only affect safety aspects, classes are unchanged.

April 2012 Stages Rally Entry and Regs  PDF         All other info go to 2012 Stages Rally button, located top homepage.

March 2012 Navi Seedings PDF

March 2012 Navigation Trial Regs and Entry Form PDF

February 2012 autotest-regs-and-entry-form

Regs and Entry Form Jan 12 Nav trial

2011 Drumlin Entries

2011 November Nav Trial Regs and Entry

2011 OCt Nav Trial Regs

2011 Aug Autocross Regs and Entry August 14  (LS) Regs and Entry Form

2011 Autocross Regs and Entry Form

2011 Stages Rally Regs and Entry Form

Mar 2011 Navi Entry and Regs

2011_Autotest Regs and Entry Form

Jan 2011 Navigation Trial Regs

Apr 25 Hilgrove Hotel Stages Rally.


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Oct 2 Navigation Trial

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Nov 13/14 Drumlin Navigation Trial

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