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Midland Stages Rally

Jack McKenna & Damien Doherty, winners of the Junior section

McKenna Midland rally 23

Raymond Conlon & Gavin Doherty, winners of the Sligo Pallets Drive of the Day award

Conlon Midland rally 23

Josh Moffett & Andy Hayes, 3rd overall

Midlands Triton Showers Stages Rally Round 1

5 March 2023; Josh Moffett and Andy Hayes in their (Hyundai i20 R5) in action during the Midlands Triton Showers Stages Rally Round 1 of the National Rally Championship in Longford .

Cavan Navigation Trial

Overall winners Michael and Ciaran Tynan receive their trophies from COC

Tynan cavan nav 23

David McCrudden & Martin Tynan who finished 2nd overall, receive their awards from COC

Mccrudden cavan nav 23

Shane Maguire (Left) &Ciaran Maguire, winners of the Novice classMaguire cavan nav 23

Martin & Gretchen Swinburne, winners of the Beginner classSwinburne cavan nav 23

Midland Navigation Trial

David McCrudden & Martin Tynan receive their awards for 3rd place

Mccrudden midland nav 23

Evin Hughes and Pakie Duffy who finished 2nd overall

Hughes midland nav 23

Sam Moffett & Keith Moriarty on their way to 3rd overall S Moffett Galway International 23

Josh Moffett & Andy Hayes slide to 2nd overall

J Moffett Galway International 23

Jack McKenna & Damien Doherty, winners of the Galway International Junior Rally.

McKenna Galway International 23

Garry Jennings & Arthur Kierans who finished 1st in class 24

Jennings Galway International 23

Mickey Conlon & Domhnall Lennon on their way to 1st in class 12

Conlon Galway International 23

Brian Lavelle & Piaras O’Ceallachain who finished 1st in class 13

Lavelle Galway International 23

January Navi  Overall Jan Navi Final OA     Results by Time point  Final Results_January 2023_CM

Karl evin ALMC endurance 23

KO’Donoghue & Evin Hughes who finished 2nd overall on the ALMC Winter Endurance Trial.

Wedlock ALMC endurance 23

A Wedlock & Ciaran Maguire who finished 4th overall on the ALMC Winter Endurance Trial.


November 12/13 Navigation Trial  Final Results_Drumlin 2022_CM

Moffett Hayes ITRC 22

Andy Hayes & Josh Moffett celebrate winning the Irish Tarmac Rally Championship

McArdle Border Rally 22

2022 Border Championship awards presentation to Ryan ‘The Pinto King’ McArdle & Paul McPhillips  3rd in class

Kelly Mohan cambrian 22

Eamonn Kelly & Conor Mohan make a splash on their way to 3rd overall at the Visit Conwy Cambrian Rally

D Moffett banna 22

David Moffett & Martin Connolly jump to 6th overall at the Kerry Winter Stages Rally

Connolly cavan auto 2 22

Martin Connolly on his was to 2nd overall in the buggy section at Cavan Motor Club’s Autocross

Boylan cavan auto 2 22 (1)

Conor Boylan using all of the track and more on Cavan Motor Club’s Autocross

Mackarel 22

Derek Mackarel & Aaron McElroy receive their award for 1st Novice from COC Aaron O’Regan and Niall Murphy

Mohan 22

Conor Mohan receives his 2nd in class award from COC Aaron O’Regan and Niall Murphy

October  Nav 2022  PDF

Keenan oct 22

Aidan Keenan & Sean Marron on their way to 1st OA at the October Navigation Trial

Oneill Oct 22

Ray O’Neil & Ryan Farrell on their way to 1st in the Novice class on the October Navigation Trial.

McMahon Oct 22

Christopher McMahon & Damien Treanor, 1st Semi-Expert at the October Navigation Trial

Lennon Oct navi 22

Marco Lennon & Elijah Dixon, winners of the Beginner class at the October Navigation Trial.

Maguire GSMC 22

Jack Maguire & Keith McConnon on their way to 1st in class 11F at the GSMC Mini Stages

McKenna GSMC 22

Barry McKenna & Raymond Knox, 31st OA  on the GSMC Mini Stages

Doogan GSMC 22

Johno Doogan & Paul Lennon, 2nd in class 14 at the GSMC Mini Stages.



Kelly mohan and fam

Eamonn Kelly & Conor Mohan celebrate the rally win with Conor’s family and close friends who made a surprise trip over


Derek Mackarel & Emmet Sherry power their way to 8th overall on the Lakeland Stages Rally


Alan Carmichael & Arthur Kierans celebrate their National win

R Moffett Gal sum 22

Richard Moffett & Darragh Kelly on their way to winning the 2wd award at the Galway Summer Rally

March Navi 2022PDF


Drumlin 2021   PDF


January Navi 2020 PDF


Drumlin 19 Results

2019 club award winners version 2 30sep             Traders Oct                Nav Classes Oct   Nav Overall Oct

 Sept 19 Navi Results  PDF

Endurance Trial final  PDF

Stages Rally Final     Fastest by Stages    Final-by class

March Navi PDF

Traders Jan[1183]    Nav Overall Jan[1181]  Nav Classes Jan[1182]

January navi 2019 PDF


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Nav Classes Nov.    Traders Nov    Nav Overall Nov

 Drumlin Results 2018

Club and Traders update OCT 18 PDF 2018 award winners

2018 October Navi  Results OCT 2018 PDF

2018 September Autocross

Traders Aug18

2018 August Endurance Trial       final  PDF

2018 Traders points Update     Traders Apr 18 PDF

2018 April Stages Rally final    fastest by class  final-by class
2018 Club and Traders March 18 Update Navi Championship Mar 18                        Navi Class Mar 18       Traders Mar18
2018 March Navi  Results PDF March 24 Navi 

Traders Feb18 .

Navi Class Jan 18

Navi Championship Jan 18

2018 February Test Trial   Results Feb 18 Autotest

2018  Jan Navi PDF


2017 November  17 Navi Trial  PDF

2017  Club Chp provisional only, please review below to ensure accuracy

 Navi Class Oct.

Navi Overall Oct.

2017   Sept Navi

2017 Traders Trophy chp Rd 6 Traders August

2017  Monaghan Autocross Results 2017

2017 Traders Trophy chp after Rd 4    May

2017 Stages Rally :  Overall final  final-byclass  stages

2017 Club and Traders March update

Navi Club Chp Rd 2 Overall Mar Navi Club Chp Rd 2 Class Mar    Traders Mar

2017 March Navigation Results PDF

2017 February Navigation Trail  PDF

2017 February 2017-test-trial-results PDF

2016 Traders and club chp points update  PDF nov-16-update

2016-drumlin Navigation PDF

2016 Border Prizegiving Photos

2016  Club and Traders Points  PDF oct-16

2016 October Navigation Trial PDF navi-16-oa2016 Border Prizegiving Photos2016 traders-and-club-points-sept-16

2016 Traders Trophy Points Aug 2016

2016 Autocross PDF results

2016 Stages Rally  final ,  final-byclass ,   stages

2016 March Navigation Trial

NEW Club and Trader Results after Round 2   Club Champ Points 16   Traders 16 Rd 2

2016 February Test Trial PDF Results

2016 January Navigation Trial PDF Jan 16 Nav

2015 Club and Traders Trophy final: PDF  Traders 15  Club Chp Points 15

2015 Drumlin Navigation Trial PDF Drumlin 2015 Results

2015 Traders and Club Chp Update October 15. PDF  Traders 15  Points 15

2015 Oct Navigation Trial PDF    Results OCT 15

2015 Traders Points update August Rd 7  Traders POints15

2015 Endurance Trial PDF.Results

2015 Club and Traders Chp August update.Club Chp Point Aug 15  Traders Trophy Points aug 15

2015 Hillgrove Hotel Stages Rally (PDF). Results OA      by class.   By stage 

2015 March Navigation Trial PDF.2015 March Navi Results

2015 February Test Trial PDF. Test Trial Feb 2015

2015 Club Championship  Points 2015 Round 1

2015 January Navigation Trial PDF Jan 15 Results

2014 Club and Traders November update PDF  Club Chp Points 14 (November)     Traders 14 all competitors November

2014 November Navigation Trial PDF   Results

2014 October Navigation Trial  PDF.    Results

2014 Endurance Trial PDF,: Results

2014 McAree Engineering Rallysprint RSI Results June 2014

Hillgrove Hotel Stages Rally  Results PDF. 2014 Stages Rally Overall.  final-by class 2014fastest by stage

Traders Trophy April 25 2014 ranking PDF Trader April 2014

March navigation Trial Results PDF. March 14 navi results

February Test Trial Results PDF. Results Test Trial 2014

January Navigation Results PDF Jan 14 Navi Results

2013 Events

Traders and Club Championship Final Results PDF. Traders Trophy 2013 registered compeitors only       Club Chp Points Nov 13

Drumlin November 13 Results PDF. Drumlin 13 Results

Club Championship update October 13 PDF Club Championship Positions Oct 13

Traders Championship October 13 update PDF. Traders 13 registered competitors only Oct 13

October Navigation Trial Results PDF Oct 13 Navi Trial

Trader Championship August points update PDF  Traders 13 Aug update

Endurance Trial Results PDF Endurance Trial 2013 Results ( Photos of event in Gallery and via Malcolm Totten link on homepage)

Traders Championship update PDF Traders 13 registered competitors only

Club Championship update PDF  Club Chp July 13 Points

April Stages Rally PDF final   Stage Times PDF  stages

March 9 Navigation Trial Reseults PDF  Results

February 17 Autotest  Results PDF Results


Drumlin November 2012  PDF   Results Drumlin 2012

Club Championship updated PDF   Club Navigation Points 12

Oct 12 Navigation Trial  PDF   Oct 12 Navi Results

Traders Trophy to Sept 12                 Points 12  Club championship to Sept 12

Endurance Trial August 19. PDF    final

Hillgrove Hotel stages Rally (PDF).   Final Overall    Final by Class  Stage Times

Border Navigation Trial Championship positions 11-12 (1)

Border Navi Champ Points 11-12 rd7 Provisional (1)

2012 March Navigation Results PDF

2012 February Autotest Results

2012 January  Nav Trial   PDF

2011 Award Winners   PDF

Traders Trophy Results Nov 2011 PDF     Gary Nesbitt Points 11 Nov 11 PDF

Jan 2011 Nav Results  PDF         Jan 2011 Nav Results – Copy       April 3 2011 Autotest PDF

March 11 Nav Results PDF

Aptril 11 Stages Rally Results Overall  final     stages Times   final-byclass

2011 August Pitwood Quarry  Results PDF

2011 Grass surface Autocross Results

Traders Trophy after round 6 ( PDF)Traders11  Traders Tropy after Oct 11 Nav Traders11   Club Championship Points Oct 11CC Points_11

1 Oct 11 Navigation Trial Results  (PDF)

2011 Drumlin Results PDF