No Luck for Monaghan men at the 1000 Shakes

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Cork Motor Club’s 1000 Shakes Navigation Trial took place last weekend. The
Inchigeelagh based event counted as round four of the National Championship
as well as the penultimate round of the Munster Navigation Championship.
The all cork team of Derek Butler/Denis O’Donovan scored a commanding win
finishing on 13 marks, well clear of Mike O’Connor Jr/Greg Shinnors who
finished 2 nd overall on 35 marks. 3 rd place went to Alan Shinnors/George
Shinnors who finished on 43 marks.
The entire event took place north of Inchigeelagh around the villages of Ré na
nDoirí, Baile Mhic Íre, Clondrohid and Cúil Aodha with first six time points
being located south of the village of Cill Na Martra. The first farm lane of the
night, a short grassy track which had to be used to avoid a double visit at TP3,
nearly caught out Darragh Kelly/Oisín Sherlock, they missed a difficult to see
left turn half way down the lane and continued further on to a dead end and a
field. For a few moments it looked like a tractor and chain job, but luckily the
car got enough grip to get them back onto the lane and they only dropped one
minute into TP5.
The first trick of the night came in the wind farm south of the village of Ré na
nDoirí. Recent road improvements through the forest changed the layout of
the forest lanes, removing some sharp corners. TP8 was located directly after
where the lane had been straightened with the approach across the old
overgrown unused part of the lane. Of the twenty entries, Butler/O’Donovan
were the only crew to get this right, with every other crew taking a wrong
approach as the new part of the road wasn’t on the map.
Via 12, TP13 and TP14 had to be accessed using numerous farm lanes around
An Rathnach Thiar. The short distance between each check point and the
demanding nature of the lanes left everyone down time by the time TP14 was
reached. Butler/O’Donovan dropped 4 marks here, while Kelly/Sherlock
dropped 3. Shane Dalton/ Ryan Treanor were down just 2 marks at TP14 while
Derek Mackarel/Conor Boylan dropped 4. Shane Maguire/Conor Maguire got
through this tricky section with the loss of 5 marks.
There was some controversy at TP16 where a road goes should have been
given for to reach the TP. Butler/O’Donovan did however know a lane existed
there, but neither Kelly/Sherlock, Mackarel/Boylan and Dalton/Treanor and a
few others knew of the lanes existence so all received 15 marks for a wrong

approach. O’Connor/Shinnors had also no knowledge of the unmapped lane,
but luckily for them they accidently went up it and avoided a WA.
Plot and bash was on the cards at TP25, with all TPs in the mountains between
Clondrohid and Carriganimmy. At TP25 grid reference plots were handed out
for TP26, TP29, TP 30 and TP31. It was imperative to plot all p&bs together as
TP30 lay on the shortest route between TP26 and TP27. Unfortunately for
Maguire/Maguire they would receive a WA at TP27 and miss TP30 and TP31 in
what would be a very costly section for the father and son team. From TP32 it
was into petrol for a well needed forty minute break after a daunting opening
half with much more to come.
The entire second half of the event was based around the village of Cúil Aodha,
which didn’t throw up many problems for the Monaghan entrant’s.
Mackarel/Boylan did have a slight scare on the ITC section directly after petrol,
after stopping at the hidden check point they went the wrong direction at the
following junction. They soon realised their error and corrected themselves but
would arrive to the end TP two minutes late. They were fortunate that the
missed junction was after the hidden check point, as with ITC sections, they are
timed to the second with a 1 mark penalty for every ten seconds early or late
arrival to the check point. Arriving two minutes late would have left the team
with a massive 12 mark penalty.
Maguire/Maguire would receive 20 marks at TP111 for a non signature before
missing TP114, TP115 and TP116 which were all p&bs. The p&bs in the second
half were also grid references and did not throw up much difficulty apart from
time loss due to the short distances and twisty roads and lanes beside Doire
Fhínín. After TP116 it was over the penultimate control just outside
Inchigeelagh before heading back to the HQ. Sherlock, Treanor and Boylan did
try and appeal the WA at TP16 due to a road goes not being given but to no
This overall win for Butler/O’Donovan has given them a considerable lead in
the National Championship as they have won the Cork Startrek, Skibbereen
Carbery and now the 1000 Shakes. The Skibbereen 100 Isles event is up next
on the calendar and a fourth overall win this season will be expected on
Denis’s home event.

Top 10

1 st Derek Butler/Denis O’Donovan (Subaru Impreza) 13 marks,

2 nd Mike O’Connor Jr/Greg Shinnors (Subaru Impreza) 35m,
3 rd Alan Shinnors/George Shinnors (Subaru Impreza) 43m,
4 th Shane Dalton/Ryan Treanor (Subaru Impreza) 45m,
5 th Derek Mackarel/Conor Boylan (Subaru Impreza) 45m,
6 th Owen Murphy/Patrick O’Leary (Subaru Impreza) 47m,
7 th Darragh Kelly/Oisín Sherlock (Subaru Impreza) 51m,
8 th Ray O’Neill/Stephen O’Neill (Subaru Impreza) 110m,
9 th James Boland/John McCay (Subaru Legacy) 133m,
10 th Shane Maguire/Conor Maguire (Subaru Impreza) 171m.
PRO Oisín Sherlock


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